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6 Exceptional Erotic Authors to Add to Your Reading List

Romance books aren’t all just roses, Kleenex and Hersheys; they are no longer complete without steamy sex and insane character chemistry. Especially not since the release of E. L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey. The genre of erotic romance has taken the commercial spotlight, allowing the readers an escape into a fantasy world filled with heartthrob characters, epic romance and lovemaking scenes written by the best romance authors.

To add extra spice to your reading life, I’ve curated a list of five female erotic authors of 2022 whose books will get you hot and bothered. These novels are not for the faint of heart or the blushing bride; so consider each read stamped with a warning label.

All things said, these 6 contemporary romance writers are the best authors to add to your reading list today.

Lora Leigh

Lora Leigh is another top-rated writer whose works line the racks of bookstores. Leigh is most popular for her Breed series, which won an RT Award for Erotica in 2009. The Breeds comprises more than 25 books; fiendish government researchers combine animal DNA with human embryos to create killer soldiers. Merinus Tyler is a reporter who dares to tempt one of them, draw him, and ultimately lock him in a “mating frenzy” of sexual heat from which there is no escape. The creatures in Lora’s books are wicked and rare. More importantly than knowing how to have sex, they know how to protect the ones they love.

Maya Banks

Maya Banks is a prolific writer with some bestselling erotic romance, romantic suspense, contemporary romance and historical romance novels. Two of her most popular works are the Kelly/KGI series which center around a military family, and the Sweet Series, that centers around a group of friends and coworkers. Each book is capable of keeping you up all night.

Monica Murphy

Monica Murphy is a bestselling author of multiple new adult, young adult and contemporary romance novel series such as One Week Girlfriend series, the Billionaire Bachelors and The Rules series. You’d often find her characters taken through the wringer, facing obstacles and adversity before achieving that happy, sunshine ending; one of the perks of reading Murphy is that you get your Happy Ever After romance. Two of her books that I particularly liked the most were A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime & Things I Wanted To Say. These aren’t the books with the most complex or well-knit plot, nor would you find characters with particularly high action or excessive drama. But if you’re looking for one of the sweetest romance novels ever, these should be your pick.

Jodi Ellen Malpas

JEM, hailing from England, is one of those writers who’d take no time in making you her favorite. If you recall Jesse Ward, Lord of the Sex Manor, it’s our author Jodi who’s responsible for creating the charming and bossy, internet-breaking character. Her book, This Man Confessed, the third part of the trilogy series, led her into the New York Times Bestseller list. When you read it, you can’t help feel incredibly connected to JEM’s characters, who won’t let go of you even after you’ve turned the last page.

Tillie Cole

This one is another one-click favorite author who writes from the heart. What makes Tillie unique is that she has both a dark side and a sweet side – which she invites you to enter as soon as you go to her website. Other words, you’d find gritty and raw stories that would take you on an out-of-comfort zone ride to an edgy world, as well as deeply emotional books and series that pierce your hearts and win you over effortlessly. Now a global phenomenon, it all started for the avid Scottish-English reader with the thought, “I have a great idea for a story. I could write a book.” If you want a squeeze of passion blended with glittery humor and dark, brooding men, try out her many books

Carey Weir

Plymouth, Indiana may not be where you would hope to track down the author noted to be one of erotic romance’s most promising debut writers. Her first novel, Giveth & Taketh is a hot and steamy contemporary tale of a straight-A college student Samantha McPheeters, who’s struggling to ace Sociology. Her graduation is near, and her new, hot Sociology professor has her on edge with his rough demeanor. It takes one angry night to change everything between them… the night that leaves Samantha waiting, wanting, and watching…

In the meantime, Sam’s best friend, Jeremy, confesses his love. Tragedy strikes, and secrets are revealed and you’re swept in a flood of emotional drama.

Like Samantha, this novel promises to leave its readers waiting, wanting, and watching. With more erotic romance novels in queue, Carey aspires to be at the same level as other steamy romance authors on this list. She has the ability to hit all your buttons, get under your skin, and make you crave more. Give her a shot.

That’s it, that’s the list for today. These are the romance authors whose erotica would make you swoon. Pick one, pick six, but get reading! You’re better off now with books than blogs 😉.