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5 Teacher-Student Romance Novels for Your Guilty Pleasure Reading

There’s a guilty pleasure in novels based on teacher-student romance tropes. They are hot, they are different, they are addictive.

For some, it’s the forbidden aspect, for others, it’s the age difference or the relationship dynamics. Hot, scholarly men and ripe college-girls come together to catch a different kind of spark. These romance novels are always spicy and exciting to read, and that’s what this blog focuses on.

If you want to be in on the fetish and the fun, pull out a pen and your reading list, and note down these 5 best teacher-student romance books for your next sizzling Saturday!

First Semester by Q.B. Tyler

Skyler has gone through a breakup and has just recently joined college. With the help of her roommate, she sets up a dating app. The roommate bumps Skyler’s age to help her out with matches… and that is how she connects with Aiden, who is more than a decade older than her. They go out and spend a great night together.

She comes to the college and guess who Skyler’s Criminal Justice professor is? The gorgeous middle-aged man Aiden.

This book has everything about the student-teacher trope that will make you love it. The we-wanna-be-together-but-we-can’t, the rude and disapproving faculty members, the steamy office hour sex. All of it.

Voyeur by Fiona Cole

Oakland is a college student whose parents end up spending all the money they’d saved for her education. Not wanting to drop out, Oakland goes out of her way to make money. Her roommate’s uncle owns a high-end sex club called Voyeur and gets her a job as a bartender… initially. Oakland then climbs her way higher and higher before becoming a ‘performer’.

That is where Callum finds her, who knows her as his student, but she doesn’t recognize him. Eventually, Oakland also gets a job as Callum’s teacher assistant, helping her in his office with filing and other stuff.

Eventually, Oakland discovers that Callum is her frequent club visitor, which makes things complicated for the couple. And yes, ‘complicated’ does include sexy

Sweet Dandelion by Micalea Smeltzer

Danny, 18, has just moved to Seattle with her older brother. She is a senior in high school, but is one year older that her batchmates. This is because of the school shooting that killed her mother in Danny’s previous school.

At the new school, every day for one hour, instead of going to her class, Danny goes to her guidance counselor, Lachlan. The two form an emotional, beautiful connection; a slow-burn that makes the readers fall in love with them like candle wax melting.

If you are a fan of character-driven story instead of plot, you are undoubtedly going to love this sensual novel.

Misbehaved by Charleigh Rose

Rami is an 18-year old high school student who was neglected and abandoned by her father. Her dad had left Rami with her trashy older step brother, much to her distaste.

When she gets the chance to go to a nicer school, Rami meets her teacher, Pierce, who sees a lot of himself in Rami. Though he is a clean-cut upright teacher, he has a dark past that yet makes it easier for Rami to connect with him.

As the two bond, we uncover a twist that makes us change the way we look at Rami and Pierce forever.

Giveth & Taketh by Carey Weir

Samantha McPheeters AKA Sam is a bright college student with mostly A’s in her subjects, except one. She’d be lucky to end up with even a C in Sociology. And Mr. Jackass, sorry, Mr. Bentley, her demanding and hard-to-please Sociology professor is not making her life any easier. She hates her tall tutor with hypnotic hazel eyes for being the asshole he is to her.

One day, alone in the classroom, Samantha unleashes her pent-up fury on the professor, who in return… kisses her, devours her and they have sex right there in the classroom.

The formidable duo finds themselves growing together to become a sexy, passionate couple. Their journey carries along before a huge misunderstanding and a sudden death breaks the couple apart.

This steamy, tear-jerker novel is one of the best student-teacher erotica novels on this list that you do not want to miss out on.

That’s it for filling your reading list this week. Hope you penned all these names down! These taboo titles will fulfill your kinky cravings and, who knows, maybe you’d dream of these sultry characters too.